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QCB meeting report.

Minutes of the 2nd meeting of Queensland Computer Bank

When: 10/8/2000, 7:30pm,
Where: 37 Norman St, Annerley QLD.

Attending: Tony Joblin, Kerry Bowden, Ralph Alcock

Apologies: Andrew Loch, Peter Andrews

1. Constitution
The meeting examined the regulations for CBV, with
specific regards to the aims and objectives and
discussed these.

TODO: Tony will draft aims and objectives for QCB.
These will be circulated and discussed online before
the next meeting. Ralph will obtain a copy of the
regulations that apply to incorporated associations in
Queensland. Ralph will also check if the name QCB (and
variants) is available. Kerry will also check for the
regulations that apply to associations.

2. Queensland Indigenous Cottage Industries Network

The meeting accepted an application from Kerry Bowden
for support for the QICIN project. The application
details a proposal for an initial network requiring 12
PCs. The meeting discussed the proposal and Kerry
outlined the details of her vision for the project.

3. Action plan for first major public meeting.

The meeting discussed an action plan for the
preparation of the public launch of QCB.

Prior to next meeting
* Obtain short list of venues for public meeting.
* Obtain regulations for incorporated associations in
* Obtain details on how to setup an association in
* Draft aims and objectives for QCB.
* Draft publicity plan for public meeting.

At next meeting (in 2 weeks time)
* Choose preferred venue and rank short list of venues
in order of preference.
* List preferred dates for public meeting in order of
preference (aiming for 2nd or 3rd week in September).
* Finalize publicity plan for public meeting.
* Finalise aims and objectives.

Immediately following next meeting
* Book preferred venue and fix date for meeting.
* Implement publicity plan.
* Prepare documentation for forming association.

TODO: Kerry will obtain and circulate info for
publicity plan. Everyone will look for potential
venues for the public meeting.

4. Discussion
The meeting discussed a number of points that were
raise in the online discussions during the week. Also
discussed obtaining web space to host our site,
obtaining post office boxes and bank account. 

5. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on the west side of
town, preferably at the University of Queensland. The
meeting agreed to start opening up the meeting to a
wider group of people to start expanding our network.
The next meeting will be scheduled for 7:30pm on
Thursday 24 August, however this date will need to be
confirmed (dependent on securing a room booking at

TODO: Tony will ask Andrew Loch if he can find us a
meeting place at UQ.

Tony Joblin
Email: tonyjoblin@yahoo.com.au, Tel: 07 3378 7755
6/19 Merlin Terrace, Kenmore 4069, Australia.

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