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IT section Australain 22/8/00 page 34

My scanner didn't want to copy this so I am writing it word for word from the paper for you.
              Queensland to get name back
David Hellaby
Brisbane political activist Kerry Bowden has offered to give up her queenslandgovernment.com domain in return for help establishing a computerbank for indigenous people.
Her ownership of the domain name caused a stir when it was made public two months ago, and it was revealed several other states had not protected their domain names.
She registered the name after failing in her attempt to register secretwomensbusiness.com
But she has now been able to register the latter as a .com.au domain, and has written to Queensland Premier Peter Beattie offering to relinquish the government domain.
Ms Bowden the former director of the Noosa Regional Art Gallery and operator of a mentoring scheme for young Aboriginal people, has written to Mr Beattie offering him the domain name in return for help arranging a meeting with government officials responsible for indigenous employment issues, and assistance in establishing a computer bank.
Computerbank schemes involve gathering and repairing unwanted computers for redistribution.
Ms Bowden said she had decided to hand over the name after reading the state Government document on partnerships with Cape York Aborigines.
She said the Victorian- based Computerbank Australia had approached her, and was setting up a Queensland branch.