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[f-cpu] random number generator

Hello f-cpu world !

I'm looking for a real random generator for intensive tests on the floating point adder.
I would like to generate randomly a set of real numbers (single or double precision) and feed my adder with.

I've found someone but i don't know if I could use them (licence conflict??):
this is a MATH_REAL package for ones (like me) who doesn't have the expensive math_real from ieee.

I don't really need a complex one, just something to avoid me to type every constant...
and an other problem is the seed: is there a "time()" function in vhdl, or anythig else to "pseudo-random" initialize the generator...
I'm under windows so i don't have /dev/random >:o ...

the random package in the source tree just read a file... i will use it if i don't find anything else but i don't really like it...


so i go back to my adder



~~ Gaetan ~~

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