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Re: [f-cpu] DATE tradeshow

hi !

nico@seul.org wrote:

What kind of compagny did you visite ?

most of the companies that would be interesting/interested by/for F-CPU.

According to the business cards i have gathered :
imec.be, hardi.com, EETimes.fr/CMP, gidel.com,
entegra.co.uk, aldec.com, celoxica.com
and many more....

i have a contact with http://ftlsys.com/
and i might get one license to support their VHDL tools.

I have also met someone from http://www.evatronix.pl/
and they make FPGA boards (supporting multiple vendors)
for a very competitive price. I should get an offering soon.
Yep, i'm still seeking a few FPGA boards, and i consider
buying one of these soon (they're quite "cheap" for the function)

I'm not sure i'll go there tomorrow, there will be less people.
But overall, it seems that i have been recognised by several
people at different booths :-) There are people from iroc (who
build LEONs), Europractice, Gidel and more, who remember
that i talked to them at least 2 years ago. I seem to mark them,
don't ask me why ;-)



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