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Re: wiki (Re: [f-cpu] the main F-CPU page : still in development)

hi !

Michael Riepe wrote:

Oh well, yet another game to play...

We don't need a wiki.  What we need is:

- a load/store unit
- an instruction fetcher
- an instruction decoder
- I and D caches
- a memory interface
- a bus interface
- better (free) tools

and so on.  Otherwise, the F-CPU will never run, and a wiki would be
just a waste of time and resources.

Just my 2 percent (of an Euro)...

I agree wholeheartedly.

I'm loosing much time trying to make the wiki work, fixing security leaks and trying to
make it record page changes. If someone wants to help or try another breed of wiki,
no problemo.

However, i now believe that the "slow decline" of the F-CPU community is due in big
parts to my policy and laziness. I, like you, have tried to concentrate on the "real thing",
in order to advance the project. But, parallelly, newcomers are immediately lost
in a labyrinth that they are not happy to enter first.

So i try to get back to admin stuffs, i would like to catch up things that have
kept newcomers from participating. First, there is the main page that i try to
optimise a bit, but it must also contain useful and up-to-date information,
it's critical.

Then i'll try to install a CVS-like system because the current state of the source
code is difficult to track : this slows down the development a lot.
When done, i'll try to synch all our sources so we can work correctly.

F-CPU is also about responsibilities, and i complain often about others'
responsibilities, well, now i try to catch up with mine, so that everybody
can work.


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