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Re: [f-cpu] Coding for Synthesis

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 06:35:12PM +0200, Just an Illusion wrote:
> if rising_edge... is well but the syntax
> if (clock_signal'event and clock_signal='1') then ...
> is better (see synopsys recommendation coding style)

Since Synopsys understands either version, and the *correct*
incantation reads

	if clock_signal'event
		and clock_signal = '1'
		and clock_signal'last_value = '0' then ...

I prefer the shorter form.

> and for falling_edge
> if (clock_signal'event and clock_signal='0') then ...

We do not use falling edge clocks, negative logic and the like.

> >    BTW: It is considered good style to write one process per
> >    pipeline stage (unless the pipeline is `forked'), and put the
> >    `if rising_edge(clock_signal)' clause at the very end of the
> >    process, as shown.
> >
> BTW (2) : It is considered good style to write one process to drive only 
> one signal.

And replicate everything that's common? No, thank you.

*Who* recommends this, BTW?

 Michael "Tired" Riepe <Michael.Riepe@stud.uni-hannover.de>
 "All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die"
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