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[f-cpu] C/VHDL code and fcpusim


now that EU_ROP2 is working exactly the same
in C and VHDL, i'm now working on the register set.

Because i reuse several parts of the code for the
testbenches (particularly the viewing parts)
i am forced (more or less, but that's what i did anyway)
to do several modifications on the existing code :
 - rewrite the *_view() to clear the syntax and
   removing the g() and n(). One compromise would be
   to use the form "%s" inside the string itself,
   and we put the corresponding escape codes at the
   end of the printf. I don't know yet where to put
   the constant, so it is acessed both by fcpusim and
   the testbenches, but a subfile from f-cpu_config.h
   would be ok.
 - i moved the contents of the registers_view.c to
   registers.c, and adapted the .h accordingly.
   both fcpusim and test_registers.c need it, so
   a separate file is not justified.
 - modified/corrected the runme.sh

Btw, i think that there are some race conditions in
the VHDL version of the register set. i'll correct that
and upload my snapshot (but not before tomorrow).

ok, time to sleep, have fun and be careful,
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