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Re: [f-cpu] Control signals on the Xbar

hi, (i'm the one that caused al these problems :-) )

--- Just an Illusion <illusion_to_net@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Do you understand now the problem of non-definition
> of communication 
> process between blocks ?
> Do you understand now, the necessity to clearly
> define the block 
> interface and the communication protocols ?

centenary, an accurate and fixed description of each
units interface would be helpful, however
we will never have that till the F-CPU is completely
designed, implemented, and tested.
it will always we necessary to keep changing
what part belongs to witch unit, and the
communication between the units will we changed now
and than, if it could make both units less
complicated (think transistor count, timing, fan-out,
etc. )

i think the best would be to make it easy to change
the interface (if possible) and tell other ppl before
doing a interface change.

also:  simulator update:
multiply is working now, i can get upto 14 registers
in the writeback queue in the scheduler, if i do
a roe mul's :-).
(not uploaded yet)


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