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Re: [f-cpu] What's wrong here?


Michael Riepe wrote:

>On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 07:01:10PM +0200, Just an Illusion wrote:
>>The variable H and L can't be used to calculate the size of B, more they 
>>are unnecessary.
>That's not the point. In fact, the function works fine under certain
>circumstances. In other cases, it does *nothing* (namely, when the
>argument is declared with an ascending index range).
You can't use H and L to define size of B because their initial values 
are ignored during synthesis phase.
 A good way to suppress that type of error is removing all initial 
values. They are used only during simulation and they are no "true" 
physical reality.

Before the power up and the reset/preset phase, you have no way to give 
the flip-flop and memory values.

If the function works fine under certain circumstances, it is only by 

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