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Re: [gbib-dev] gbib installation error

Felipe Bergo schrieb:

>>I´ve encountered an installation problem with gbib-0.1.2.
>>checking for map.h... no
>>  configure: error: required header file missing

> gbib hasn't been updated for ages, and the reason you are having
> problems compiling is that it wasn't updated to work with GCC 3.x,
> where som STL headers changed names (from map.h to map, for instance).
> we apologize for the inconvenience, but I don't believe gbib is going
> to be updated anytime soon.

Hallo Felipe,

thank you for your kind and fast reply. If there is no hope, that gbib
will be updated soon, then my question is, which BibTex-Editor you can
suggest for working with LyX?

Second question: is it possible, to include on the gbib-homepage
http://gbib.seul.org/ a link or hint for the gbib-mailing-List
gbib-devel@seul.org , because I needed a lot of time googleing around,
to find your list.

Thank you very much!

With the best wishes for you -
bernhard schiekel

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