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[gbib-dev] i18n support

I've just committed i18n support to the CVS, but it is not complete yet,
the "dist" target hasn't been updated and maybe the intl and po
directories will be missed.

after a checkout it is wise to run

aclocal && autoheader && autoconf

if configure fails, running 'gettextize' may help, but it shouldn't be

(moria, the cvs server, was reinstalled from scratch due to a hard disk
malfunction recently, its SSH key has changed, if you have an old entry
under ~/.ssh and hasn't connected in while, ssh may give you a really big
warning and refuse to connect, removing moria's server key from ~/.ssh/*
so do the trick)

if further trouble arises, ./configure --disable-nls should do it (and
disable i18n altogether).

adding a new language consists of:
 writing a <lang>.po file based on bare_messages.po (located on gbib's
 toplevel dir)

 copying the .po to the po directory

 editing configure.in and changing the line

 to something like ALL_LINGUAS="es fr pt_BR"

 and it's done (running autoconf, configure, make, make install is needed
 to get everything working)

Since language catalogs get installed to %prefix%/share/locales ,
it must be installed to work.

to test just set either LC_ALL or LANG environment variables to the chosen
language (pt_BR, es, etc.) and run gbib.

There are 3 entries in bare_messages.po which I'm not sure whether they
should be translated or if they are part of "code", namely:

#: gui.C:844
msgid "Set off lyx"
msgstr ""

#: gui.C:844
msgid "FILE"
msgstr ""

#: gui.C:846
msgid "Whether display warnings"
msgstr ""

In the pt_BR translation I did I left those untranslated (empty).

Let me know if you have trouble compiling or running it, I have just made
it work on my home box (Slackware 7.0, Gnome 1.0.something, gettext
0.10.35), I will compile it elsewhere on the next few days.

Felipe Paulo Guazzi Bergo - Free Software Developer (bergo@seul.org)
Personal Info and GPG Public Key: http://www.advogato.org/person/khazad
Campinas - SP - Brazil - Earth

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