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gEDA-user: any last minute advice prior to sending out for PCB fab

After a very long time, I am just about ready to send out 3 different boards for fab. I would appreciate any advice to improve my chances of success. So far here's what has been done:

1. Run DRC on all PCBs with no issues..
2. Checked schematics.
3. Checked schematic matches layout.
4. In process of checking all the components, especially the transistor pinouts (all SOT23 devices) 5. Checked the board dimensions. These boards plug into one another, so have to be sure they match up. It looks good physically and the pin numbers look correct from board-to-board. 6. Checked the soldermask. I found a bunch with very minimal dam spacing so fixed them.
7. fixed cosmetic trace runs that looked ugly.
8. double checked for unused traces left behind from component moves.

The cash layout for PCB fab is going to be large enough that I am nervous about not getting it right. Still, I have a CPU card and SMPS to do which can wait a bit while this gets put together.

what else?  Any suggestions?



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