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Re: gEDA-user: OrCAD 7 to gEDA?

> > Any ideas on how to convert them?
> >
> > sarlacc chokes on them, sarlacc was meant for a later (earlier?) version
> > of OrCAD.
> I wrote sarlacc for earlier versions of OrCAD.  You could go into OrCAD and
> try to save everything as OrCAD 386 files.  Not sure if that option is
> still there in version 7.

I found a setting that would let me save the schematic as "std386.sch".
OrCAD created a .sch and a  .lib file.

This is what I get:

sarlacc_schem LIGHTA.SCH
v 20020825

File is not an ORCAD 16 Bit Schematic

$ sarlacc_sym LIGHTA.LIB
v700OrCAD 32bit Library     pppp``

Not a library file: LIGHTA.LIB
Died at /opt/gEDA/bin/sarlacc_sym line 640, <LIBRARY> line 1.

I could find no option for saving any symbols in different formats.

From the error message it looks like the files are still in 32 bit format,
even if saved as std386?