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gFTP: gFTP 2.0.7 has been released...

   gFTP 2.0.7 has just been released. It fixes many bugs that people
reported to me for version 2.0.6a, and adds some new features. You can
download it from http://gftp.seul.org/. Here is the changelog entry:

Changes from 2.0.6a to 2.0.7

* HTTP Protocol fixups. It now supports resuming file transfers, and has
  an improved HTTP parsing engine
* Added support for transfering files via the SSH protocol. See the FAQ
  for details about how to do this
* Added FXP support
* Added read and write timeouts on the file transfers. This will make gftp
  be able to start file transfers again if you have an unstable internet
* Doesn't peg the CPU load when connecting or getting directory listings
* Fixed problem with reading from control connection on SunOS and Digital
* Configure script will now detect pthreads library properly on Digital
  UNIX and FreeBSD
* Added Czech, Portuguese, and Russian translation
* Menu items now grey out on the local, remote and tools menus for the
  items that are not valid
* Lots of new icons
* Finished internal code cleanup I started back in version 2.0.6
* Other small bug fixes and enhancements

If you have any questions or problems with this release, feel free to
contact me


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