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gFTP: 2.0.17pre0 has been released

I am pleased to announce the availability of gFTP 2.0.17pre0. Here is a list
of changes since version 2.0.16:

* Separated out more of the UI independent code in the GTK+ and Text ports and
  created a user interface common repository. Cleaned up some of the existing
  GTK+ code. The GTK+ port can now be controlled from a command line interface
  in the GUI. There is an option you have to enable in the options dialog for
  this. (enable manual commands in GUI)
* Added support for the FTPS protocol. The control connection is the only
  one encrypted at the moment.
* When viewing/editing a file, the temporary file that is created is created
  with the same extension as the remote file so that syntax highlighting works
* File transfers can be resumed/skipped/overwritten in the text port and
  whenever files are dropped on gftp in the GTK+ port.
* FTP: Added support for MVS directory listings
* FTP: Fix for FXP transfers
* SSH2: fix for resuming uploads
* Added option to show the transfer status in the title bar.
* Added option to disable IPV6 support.
* Fixed the wrong date being displayed when a file was modified last year
* 64 bit cleanups. This also fixed a SSH segfault that was happening on
* Look for the .gmo translation files in the proper directory
* If a bookmarked site has it's password saved in the config file, then the
  passwords are written out in a scrambled format. This isn't secure, but
  prevent someone from casually looking over your shoulder and seeing your
  password. I still do not recommend saving your passwords to disk.
* Fix for systems that do not support the %'ld format argument
* The startup directory option is now expanded so that an option like
  ~/src can be specified
* New language translations and updates (ca cs de ga hr hu nl pt_BR sr sr@Latn
  ta th)
* Many other small changes and improvements. See the ChangeLog file in the
  distribution for a detailed list of changes.


39323f1cb94f5cdb0d22bea3128d6866  gftp-2.0.17pre0.tar.gz
018be1e0925f7510d3fe3fb6d3b9b32f  gftp-gtk_2.0.17pre0-1_i386.deb
8068592721d222c1604f5bdf91ff80d7  gftp-common_2.0.17pre0-1_i386.deb
fd9180d033fe612aa4c8811530cf76c6  gftp_2.0.17pre0-1_all.deb
8762f2bf33c1ce8fa3ddce3c20ee0330  gftp-text_2.0.17pre0-1_i386.deb
23a36f6e6826f3942771adfc9d42a32d  gftp-2.0.17pre0.tar.bz2

I would like to thank everyone that has submitted patches, bug reports,
translations, or offered ideas for improvements.


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