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gFTP: 2.0.12 has been released

   I am pleased to announce the release of gFTP 2.0.12. It can be downloaded
from http://www.gftp.org. Here is a list of changes in this release:

* Fixed several memory leaks
* HTTP proxy fixups
* Fixed bug with throttling of connections not working in some cases
* Fixed wrong time remaining for interrupted transfers
* Added option to only show selected files
* Cleanups to cache
* Fixed crash in view file
* Fixed crash in toolbar
* Updates to Compare Windows feature
* Fixed SSH/SSH2 connection problem on IRIX
* Password is no longer shown in the log window for HTTP protocol
* Added Bulgarian translation (from Borislav Aleksandrov
* <B.Aleksandrov@cnsys.bg>)
* Norwegian updates (from Anders Henriksen <andersh@cc.uit.no>)

If anyone sees any problems with this release, please let me know.


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