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gFTP: gFTP 2.0.6pre1 has been released...

   I just uploaded gFTP 2.0.6pre1 up to my website. You can download it at
http://gftp.seul.org/gftp-2.0.6pre1.tar.gz. Here is a summary of the
changes in this version:

Changes from 2.0.5a to 2.0.6

* Redesigned the transfer window. Now, it is tree based, and you can see
  all the individual files that are to be transfered. Displays more 
  informative information like estimated time remaining for the individual
  file, and estimated time remaining for all the files in that group.
* Added Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and
  Swedish translation
* You can now log into a http proxy with a username and password.
* When resizing gFTP to much larger sizes, the toolbar resizes better
* If you have save geometry set, gFTP will remember the column widths of
  the local and remote listboxes
* Added history to the hostname, port and username fields of the toolbar
* If you have preserve permisions set, then gFTP will save the date of the
  downloaded files (it will also still save the file permissions as well 
  too like it used to)
* Now transfers the lists of subdirectories more efficiently
* Fixed crash that would occur when you would connect or delete files 
  (only reported on Sparc)
* Bookmarks are now stored in ~/.gftp/bookmarks. You can now associate a
  local directory with a bookmark. (Note: gFTP will automagically convert
  your bookmarks to the new format for you).
* Made protocols more modular. Added full support for http protocol. This
  will now make it much easier to add support for more protocols in the
  near future (like DAV support)
* Removed the Use proxy option under the FTP menu and in the bookmarks.
  You can now set up what hosts are on your local network subnet
* Many other small enhancements and lots of code cleanup


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