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Re: [gftp] freebsd port installation

Hi Evan,

Typically gftp has three executables:

"gftp-text" the console based client, you're using
"gftp-gtk" the gui client you want to use and
"gftp" which is a simple shell script that chooses one of the two above depending on the environment.

So try executing `gftp-gtk`. If that works then there's a config error with your DISPLAY variable.

If you get a file not found error then probably gftp-gtk was not installed. Unfortunately I cannot help you with that.

All best,

Evan Panagiotopoulos wrote:
I am very new to freebsd and the ports system. I install the port by
going to the gftp directory and issuing a make install clean. The
system installed successfully the software but I can't see how to view
the gui interface. I must be missing something.

Working from the command line is too much work and I would rather have
the gui interface.

Any ideas?