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Re: [gftp] Feature request

I will add the basic diff feature which I already have and then we can
move on from there. I'll let you know sometime in the next few days.
> Many thanks, it works just fine, now.
> For some time in future, here is my biggest feature wish.
> - Enable using a diff/merge tool like diffuse or meld (both on
>   sourceforge). GFTP should fetch a temporary copy, invoke one of these
>   diff/merge tools and move the temporary copy back to the remote host,
>   if it has been changed.
> - Diffing the local and the remote directory (only simple files)
>   and optionally invoke the diff/merge tool for each file that
>   differs.
> It's easy to put forward wishes but not so easy to implement them.
> Thanks for your work on GFTP,
> Helmut.