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[gftp] gFTP 2.0.18pre1 (20040804)

Hi list,
today i've upgraded my gFTP to the gftp-test download and I can't get ssh/sftp
to work (couldn't get it to work before either).
I have supplied the port (2222), my login name and password and ssh2 protocol
in the bookmarks, but somehow the login still fails.:

Here's the log - I'm afraid I have it in german only:
Lokales Verzeichnis erfolgreich nach /var/CD/Daten/aw/homepage/commontology gewechselt
Stelle SSH Verbindung mit ftp.commontology.de her
Starte Programm: ssh -e none -l web62 -p 2222 ftp.commontology.de -s sftp
3: Protokollinitialisierung
Beim Aufbau der SSH Verbindung zum entfernten Server gab es einen Fehler. Die Fehlermeldung des entfernten Servers lautet
web62's password: Beende Verbindung mit Gegenstelle ftp.commontology.de
My translation would be as follows:
Sucessfully changed local directory to /......
Establishing connection with ftp.commontology.de
Launching program: ssh -e none -l web62 -p 2222 ftp.commontology.de -s sftp
3: Protocol Initialization
There has been an error in establishing the ssh connection to the remote server. The error message of the remote server was:
web62's passwort: Closing connection with host ftp.commontology.de

When I leave the password empty it asks me before establishing the connection
and gives the same result. Is there anything I can do to make the log more
(I am using ssh.com's ssh, not openssh:
ssh: SSH Secure Shell (non-commercial version) on i686-pc-linux-gnu

BTW, i couldn't get it to work in linux at all yet, only in windows/CuteFTP

Any ideas? 
Thanks for this otherwise very cool ftp client.


My Public PGP Keys:
1024 Bit DH/DSS: 0x869F81BA
768 Bit RSA:     0x1AD97BA5