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Re: [gftp] using ssh to connect to a Sun file server

On August 4th, I wrote:
Brian Masney wrote:

   I improved the SSH login code for the upcoming 2.0.18 release.
>> You can download my latest code at
Thanks. I can now connect to our server by ssh. Changing directories and viewing directory contents also works, but when I try to upload a file, gFTP crashes. (The window just disappears, and nothing appears in the log file to indicate the cause of the crash.) Ordinary ftp still works. I'll be happy to provide any debugging information you need if you'll just tell me what would be helpful.
A further detail: Downloading by ssh works. It's only uploading (sending files from my laptop to the server) which crashes gFTP. Weird. Again, I'll be more than happy to do some experiments for the developers if there's anything I can do to help.

Additional details: I'm compiling and running gFTP on a Xandros Linux 2.5 system (was Xandros 2.0 when I first encountered this problem).

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