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[gftp] gFTP ssh transfers stalling

I've had to rebuild gFTP in the last few days (long story, not gFTP's fault...). I'm now having a bit of trouble with file transfers: They start OK, the bits transfer over, but then gFTP never seems to realize that it's done. I see things like

Recv 65,646 of 65,646, transfer stalled, unknown time remaining

in the progress window, and it never gets past there. Again, the file has been transferred (as you can infer from the message). I didn't do anything different this time than last when I compiled gFTP. It does work properly sometimes, and it's possible that there's something funny going on in our local area network. I guess my question for now is, has anyone else seen this kind of behavior?

I'm using gFTP 2.0.18pre1 in ssh2 file transfer mode.

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