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Re: [gftp] changing the double-click action?

Edit your ~/.gftp/gftprc file and look for the list_dblclick option.

# This defines what will happen when you double click a file in the file
# listboxes. 0=View file 1=Edit file 2=Transfer file

I suddenly started to get very busy since Thanksgiving, which is why I haven't
finished up the final 2.0.18 release.


On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 01:45:34AM -0500, Anthony DiSante wrote:
> When I double-click a local file, the default action is to upload the file. 
>  Is it possible to add an option so that double-clicking launches my text 
> editor instead?
> Thanks,
> Anthony DiSante
> http://nodivisions.com/
> PS - Has there really not been a posting to this list in a whole week?  I 
> posted two messages one week ago, and have seen no other messages since.