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[gftp] Sth wrong with downloading a whole directory


I tryed to download a whole directory via ssh2, but i only get the

174: Realpath /usr/local/www/sites/pofo.de/www.pofo.de/htdocs/alpha-boot
174: Filenames (1 entries)
Loading directory listing
/usr/local/www/sites/pofo.de/www.pofo.de/htdocs/alpha-boot from cache
33: Filenames (4 entries)
34: EOF
175: Realpath /usr/local/www/sites/pofo.de/www.pofo.de/htdocs
175: Filenames (1 entries)
Successfully made directory /tmp/alpha-boot
176: Open
176: No such file or directory
177: Open
177: No such file or directory

Why gftp adds a trailing slash to filenames? Can someone reproduce that?
The same with FTP transfers...

 Oliver Lehmann
        @home: lehmann@ans-netz.de
      @office: oliver.lehmann@mgi.de
         @www: http://www.pofo.de/  |  http://wishlist.ans-netz.de/