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Re: [gftp] scp with gftp

Hi Brian,

thanks for the quick and successful help.
I´ve upgraded and now everything works fine :-)

Thanks and greets from Germany

Brian Masney schrieb:
On Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 02:04:16PM +0200, Andi Voss wrote:


I?ve a problem using scp with gftp.
SCP with a "normal" user, which has a "normal" ssh account at the remote machine is still working with gftp (Port 22). Now I?ve SCPonly installed at the remote machine an the following error occurs when I?m connecting:
Opening SSH connection to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Running program ssh -e none -l my_username -p 22 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -s sftp
3: Protocol Initialization
There was an error initializing a SSH connection with the remote server. The error message from the remote server follows:
ssh_askpass: exec(/usr/libexec/ssh-askpass): No such file or directory
Disconnecting from site xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

I changed "Options/SSH/Use ask-sshpass utilitys" to not ckecked, but the behavior is the same.
When I try to use this SCP-Account with WinSCP3 under Windows everything is working without any problems.
/usr/libexec/ssh-askpass is not installed on the system. So I think gftp has a Problem with ...hmmm with what...? That?s what I want to know. What do I have to change to get SCP working with gftp?

Slackware 10.1
Kernel 2.6.7
gftp 2.0.17

   I would highly recommend upgrading to gftp 2.0.18. The SSH code has been
greatly improved in that version, especially the code that deals with logging
into the remote server.