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Re: [gftp] A Feature Requests

On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 12:34:02AM +0000, Jes?s Ben?tez wrote:
> 	Hello, first, congratulations for your kill app, gftp is unique in
> gtk/gnome world (my preferred world), and has helped me to not abandon
> gnu/linux,, well...I describe you a little problem I have, to illustrate
> two features I want you to take in mind for your "coding time" ;-) :
> 	I have a php image gallery, whenever a user uploads a gallery, a new
> directory is created through gftp, but this directory is created by gftp
> with the OTHERS - WRITE permission OFF, and an admin-part of my
> php-scripts needs to write to the new gallery directory a config file,
> so I need that permission ON. My intention is that normal people that
> use to upload galleries dont have to change that permission manually
> everytime they upload a gallery, I want that to be transparent for them,
> so:
> - Has gftp a umask that defines the permission of newly created
> directories and files ??. If not,  Will it be possible to add such a
> feature to a ftp client program (gftp) ??

I added the preserve permissions option back to CVS. This should fix your
problem. A tarball of my latest CVS code can be found at