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Re: [gftp] problems with anonymous login

On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 11:53:52PM -0400, Francisco Moreno wrote:
> I have a proftpd server configured with anonymous account asking for 
> registered passwords, I know the configuration is right, and that Proftpd 
> is working right, and of course I'm 500% sure I'm type-ing right the 
> password needed. (The classic ftp line comand client success when loging, 
> and the Opensource windows client SmartFTP too).

In older versions of gftp, if the anonmyous username was sent over to the FTP
server, it always sent over your email address that is listed in your gftprc
file as your password. Starting with 2.0.17pre0, you can override the password
that is sent over.