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[gftp] Drag'n'Drop problem (NOT a bug--my fault)

Hi all!

I'm having a strange problem I can't seem to nail with gFTP.  I recently 
replaced my hard drive, because the old one was going bad.  Since it was 
still viable, I hooked them both up, loaded up a gentoo boot disk, and just 
copied all the files over to the new drive and re-installed the boot-loader, 
reconfigured fstab, etc etc.

This worked great except for one thing.  I forgot to use "cp -p ..." and so 
everything on the new drive came over owned by root.  Well I re-copied some 
directories with -p and fixed most of the ownerships on the system, but a 
strange thing has cropped up with gFTP now.  It works just fine, but while I 
am connected to a remote server, the only way to upload files is by 
highlighting them and clicking the -> arrow button.  I cannot drag'n'drop to 
upload anymore.  When I try, gFTP does this:

Received URL file:///mnt/server/html/temp.html
Could not change local directory to /mnt/server/html/temp.html: Not a 

I can still drag'n'drop to download, just not upload.  I'm not using any funky 
settings or proxies, just plain old FTP.  Does anyone have any suggestions on 
what to check?  I have tried completely removing gFTP and recompiling & 
installing and it still does this.



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