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[gftp] gFTP locks up on Sun JDS Release 1

Hi there,

I'm in need of an FTP client to run on Sun JDS Release 1 (SuSE 8), and
opted for gFTP due to its popularity. It successfully compiled from
source, and installed. When invoked, however, all I get is a window with
gFTP 2.0.18 at the top, and a gray background with a number of white
boxes where GUI components should be. The large box on the left lists
the contents of my home directory, but the others remain empty.  gFTP
then locks up.

Installing the RPM (built for JDS R2) available at www.gcclinux.com
results in the same.

YaST2 reveals that the following dependencies are installed on my

atk	1.2.2-23
glib2	2.2.2-23
gtk2	2.2.2-29
pango	1.2.3-18

Any help would be greatly appreciated.