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[gftp] Re: gftp 2.0.16 locales

   I have very little experience setting this up, but does your libc support
the de_DE locale? I do know if I'd try to run gftp in another language, it
would not run until libc supported it. If this is the case, when you run gftp
from the console you should see an error saying locale not supported by C
   The other thing it could be is gftp doesn't know where the gftp.mo files
are for your locale. Try running strace -e trace=open,stat gftp-gtk and see
what locale files it is trying to open.


On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 01:03:57PM +0100, heimanns@versanet.de wrote:
> Hello linux community,
> just a little question: I have compiled gftp 2.0.16
> succesfully on my Slackware 9.1 system. No problems and no
> compiling errors. But just one thing I'm missing: I have no
> German language available in the menus. I thought gftp is
> using the locales? In my ~/.profile I have added following
> lines and it works fine for all other programms:
> export LANG=de_DE@euro
> export LC_ALL=de_DE@euro
> Any ideas? Thanks for help
> Christian Heimanns
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