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Re: [gftp] Transfer Statistics

Hello Mark,

you said:

> I am trying to use gftp with wsftpd and have noticed that I get one statistic
> value at the beginning of the transfer and then nothing more until the file
> has completed the transfer.  Is this something on wsftpd that needs to be
> turned on for this functionality to work?

I did not get what you mean by statistic value. However, in upload and download
gftp should present you with a file transfer statistics update about every
second. Make sure you can see the file transfer pane which is usually located
above the log pane. Which window were you looking at?

Be aware that on LAN links and with close endpoints, gftp might be doing the
transfer at maximum speed all the time. Perhaps this is why you can't see
a change in the transfer speed value.

Statistics such as which file was transfered, how long it transfered and
with what speed are only produced by gftp itself. There is nothing in the
FTP protocol itself to account for statistics, and logging on the wsftpd
end should produce its own statistics. When you look at the wsftpd log
there will usually only be one statistic, this is because it doesn't
do excessive logging.

You can send some log or screenshot, maybe it'll help identify some
bug in gftp, if that is one.