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[gftp] RFE: Add Support for CCC Command From Latest FTPS Proposal

Please add support for the "CCC" (Clear Command Channel) command
detailed in the latest FTPS proposal at
http://www.ford-hutchinson.com/~fh-1-pfh/ftps-ext.html.  While the new
pasv_behind_router option in version 2.0.18 is useful, it doesn't solve
the issue of FTP application gateway/proxy compatibility for passive
FTP.  When the "CCC" command is used (and allowed by the FTP application
gateway/proxy), the FTP application gateway/proxy is able to read the
response to the PASV command and create ad hoc proxies for the
appropriate data channel ports.  Otherwise, you must open a specific
range of ports for use with passive FTP.


Kevan Brown

PS: Also, please make your support for FTPS more robust in general.