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[gftp] gftp and tls


I'm using gftp for quite a while nog, and I really like the program,
so a big thank you to the developers!

Here's my question: Currently I'm using a vsftp ftp server. This
server is SSL/TSL capable, but I seem to be unable to log onto it in
TLS mode with gftp.
Here's the error on connect:

Looking up servername.domain
Trying servername.domain:21
Connected to servername.domain:21
220 (vsFTPd 2.0.3)

530 Please login with USER and PASS.
Disconnecting from site servername.domain

I do have a username and password in the config, and gftp doesn't even
ask me for a username. So it seems like the disconnect takes place
even before the username and passwd are sent.

Does anyone know what happens here, and how I can get it to work?