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[gftp] SSL - SSH - How?

	I have been scratching my head for several days over this issue.  I have a 
website on ATT Worldnet and can' talk to it since I upgraded to high speed 
DSL connection.  Dial up used to work OK with gftp.  Now it refuses connect 
from an "unsecure" user.
	I have read many FAQs with seemingly vague statements, but no answer I can 
apply.  I prefer to use the gftp as it is user friendly in every other way.
	To experiment, I used a Windows program, Smart FTP, and it has an automatic 
Certificate generator which seemed to be a plus but found there was still a 
problem in that I needed to set the connect protocol to 
            FTP over SSL (Implicit)
	Did that and it made connect and I could view files.  Downloading was clumsy, 
but I learned two things.
	I need to geerate a certificate for gftp and to emulate "SSL Implicit"

	So . . . Please help . . . Thanks in advance,  Jack