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Re: [gftp] SSL - SSH - How?

Today 13:36:36
  Â	*  Sending 2nd time -- didn't show on forum *
Hello Al,

ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂThanks for the tip on tlswrap. ÂI downloaded it and did the 
install. ÂIt 
appears I either need to learn to use it (Lots of instructions), or I did not 
do a good install. ÂI do not see a GUI, but there is none referred to in the 

ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂBelow is the dialog from the server when using the first set of 
where the ftp site name is replaced by that shown in the 2nd line. ÂI assume 
that if the TLSWrap info is displayed as in the 4th line then the tlswrap 
program is working. ÂAnyway, the process stops at PASS xxxx and usually gftp 
locks up after a minute or so unless I force a disconnect. ÂI have tried one 
or two other options and will continue down this path to see where it 
leads -- Unless you get back to me and point out something obvious.

Looking up
Connected to
220 TLSWrap FTP Proxy Server (v1.02) ready.
USER %kb7no@xxxxxxx 
331 Password required for kb7no.
PASS xxxx

Thanks for your kind concern, Â Jack

On Saturday 14 October 2006 08:42, Al Schapira wrote:
> Had the same problem.  Install tlswrap and run gftp under it.  Works
> perfectly.  Hopefully gftp will someday support SSL directly.
> 	-Al
>  On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 16:27, Jack Heller wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 	I have been scratching my head for several days over this issue.  I have
> > a website on ATT Worldnet and can' talk to it since I upgraded to high
> > speed DSL connection.  Dial up used to work OK with gftp.  Now it refuses
> > connect from an "unsecure" user.
> > 	I have read many FAQs with seemingly vague statements, but no answer I
> > can apply.  I prefer to use the gftp as it is user friendly in every
> > other way. To experiment, I used a Windows program, Smart FTP, and it has
> > an automatic Certificate generator which seemed to be a plus but found
> > there was still a problem in that I needed to set the connect protocol to
> >             FTP over SSL (Implicit)
> > 	Did that and it made connect and I could view files.  Downloading was
> > clumsy, but I learned two things.
> > 	I need to geerate a certificate for gftp and to emulate "SSL Implicit"
> >
> > 	So . . . Please help . . . Thanks in advance,  Jack