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Re: [gftp] What ails gftp?

Hello Bret and the list.

Bret Busby wrote:

> See mesages below.
> gFTP simply no longer worked for me, as described below, and, in the 
> thread at the time, and the suggestions posted to the list, to fix the 
> problem, got no response
> So, I was forced to switch to KFTPGrabber, which I now use without any 
> problems.

I've read the thread back then and in the archives, and you're right, those
last messages didn't get any response. A shame really, but that might show
just how the current state is. I figure everyone was trying to help the way
they were able to.

What's interesting is this: Given the existence of a way to transfer files
in Extended Passive Mode, would you be enticed to switch back from what
you're now using?

I've had a glance at kftpgrabber. The project is kind of fresh and has some
momentum, plus it delivered on what you sought. However, it's not quite the
thing I'd be happy to use right now.

How many of your sites use EPM right now, Bret?

There already is an incarnation of the Extended Passive Mode implemented in
gftp, which sadly is unavailable to anyone not using IPv6. I believe using
IPv6 is neither an option for you, nor will you by chance just happen to
have the whole thing handy. From that point-of-view, I can understand why
you use kftpgrabber.

The EPM/RFC2428 problem goes right into the TODO list then. Thanks! Please
keep writing about things you think are wrong in gftp.