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[gftp] RFE: auto-reconnect *on action* after time-out


I use SmartFTP on Windows, and one feature that I think is really obvious (and indispensable after you've used it for a while) is the ability to automatically reconnect to a server.

I don't mean that as soon as the connection times-out, gFTP should reconnect; of course that would be bad. But if you've been disconnected from a server, and then you try to transfer a file / get a dir listing / whatever, I think gFTP should automatically reconnect and perform the action. The result is that (aside from the slight delay, and aside from watching the log pane) the whole timeout/reconnection process becomes transparent to the user.

What do you think?


PS - I filed a "bug report" here about a month ago regarding the ASCII/BIN setting not working, and it was fixed in the CVS version within just a couple days, and the new release-version is already out and has it rolled in. Thanks for being so speedy with that one.