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[gftp] Directory name-date parse error on Netware server


I'm connecting to a Netware server on campus that we use to give us a sort of roving home directory to keep our files. When the directory listing comes up in gFTP, about half the directories on the server have the wrong filename--it seems that the final few characters of the directories' timestamp (day of month, space, year) is getting added to the front of the directory name. Additionally, the directory size is listed as 1,393 instead of the usual 512. Interesting thing is that this only happens to directories on the server that I've created--the default directories that the university sets up in our account (and that the terminal ftp program says are owned by Root) display fine.

I'm using Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog and gFTP 2.0.18. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

--Jared M.