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Re: [gftp] specifying a SITE command in the Command: prompt

Hi Oliver,
   Here is a patch that I committed to CVS that fixes this problem.

diff -u -r1.41 gftpui.c
--- src/uicommon/gftpui.c       2 Aug 2006 22:50:21 -0000       1.41
+++ src/uicommon/gftpui.c       10 Sep 2006 16:03:08 -0000
@@ -408,6 +408,7 @@
      cdata->uidata = uidata;
      cdata->input_string = (char *) command;
      cdata->run_function = gftpui_common_run_site;
+      cdata->toggled = 1;

      gftpui_common_run_callback_function (cdata);


On 8/31/06, Oliver Lehmann <lehmann@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

specifying a SITE command in the Command: prompt requires me to type SITE
twice (because gftpui_common_process_command detects the SITE command and
only passes everything behind to the site function rfc959.c w/o
specifying the prepend this again with SITE. So when I type


"FOO BAR" will be sent  to the ftp server, If I want to have "SITE FOO
BAR" sent to the server I've to specify "SITE SITE FOO BAR".

Brian - do you see a way of removing this inconvenience? I'm not sure if
"preparing with SITE" should be the default, there might be a situation
where "FOO BAR" needs to be executed at the remote site, but at the other
hand - this rare case can be done by using the "Send SITE Command" Box
where "Prepare with SITE" may be unchecked then (reverse the "Prepare
with SITE" logic in gftp)

 Oliver Lehmann