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[gftp] Changing Directories

I am using gFTP in Ubuntu 9.04.  I am trying to download files from a video surveillance device.  This device uses Linux for the embedded os and supports ftp.  From the command line I have successfully logged into a ftp session, changed directories, downloaded files, and exited.  Unfortunately the person who will be doing the actual work is not too thrilled about using the command line so I downloaded gFTP.  With gFTP I am able to connect to the device and the right window shows the device directories.  I am unable to change into any of the directories no matter what I have tried.  This included double clicking on the directory,  right clicking on the directory and then choosing change directory, and manually entering the url for the directory.

I searched your faq and mailing list but I seem to be alone with this problem.  The user manual for this device states the only ftp commands supported are cd; dir; ls; get; delete; and rmdir.  Is the problem with the configuration of gFTP or is the ftp server on the device too basic for gFTP?