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Re: Welcome to independence-l


A few suggestions -

On the first Independence homepage, when you invite me to
join the mailist-list, I think you should provide a small form
that takes the user's email address and sends mail to them.

(It should be possible to specify "subscribe independence-l"
in the subject as well.  However, this is optional in my
mind, because you would provide a form in the first place.)

Likewise, in your automated reply, the subject line should
contain the details for confirmation, so I could just hit
"Reply - Send" and be done with subscribing.

Finally, the welcome message (to which I am replying)
does not display a flashy INDEPENDENCE-L@SUEL.ORG
address.  In fact I don't think it lists that address
at all.

Please take a look at the extremely user-friendly
mailing-list subscription process on www.gnome.org.

Thank you for your time.