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Re: Independence upgrade bugs

> Hi there. I'm new on the list, but just tried to upgrade a mostly
> standard RH5.2 box to use Independence. I downloaded the rpms, did
> 'rpm -Uvi *rpm' and watched most of them fail. I had several problems.
> First, a set of failed dependencies -- maxwell needed freefonts, and
> timidity needed libncurses 3; I've got libncurses 4.2.  Does it really
> need the old version? 

maxwell: I had thsi noticed this during the pre-release, but for some
reason the new version failed to be uploaded.  Same thing for the two
packages (cooledit and gltt-demo) who had files owned by me.

About timidity I didn't found because I made an install everyuthing
and this succeded due to libncurses 3 being included in RH 5.2 for
compatibility purposes.  Of course ideally it should have been rebuilt
against libncurses 4.

> In addition, as I installed the packages, a good number of them tried
> to put things in as user/group "jfm" -- my machine has no such user,
> so they used root instead.

I made a query and the only packages affected were cooledit and
gltt-demo.  Harmless bugs unless you happen to have a user named jfm.

Problem is I cannot do a brute force test: simply install all in order
to check everything on the site is right (it was right on my disk).
My bandwidth is 10 Megs an hour.  That means a 40 hours download and
due to living wrong side of the Atlantic an 80$ download.
I have to rely on people in the mail list for the real test

> The patches of /sbin/ifup and
> /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifdhcpc-done failed, but the patch of
> /sbin/ifdown succeeded.

These ones are RedHat bugs who have not been fixed by their errata.
We never even sniffed at dhcp related stuff.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses