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Re: another success story

>    Solaris does this one first login.  In this case, it should be
> possible to have a script in startx pick a window manager, and remove
> itself after really starting X.  Would be nice...  Maybe have the
> default home for a new user have this startX, and then delete itself
> allowing the real one to be called.

I could've sworn I recently saw an xdm variant that let you pick (from a
pull-down menu) which window manager you were going to use for that login.
It might have been gnome-based. I don't remember it very well.

I believe there's a little tk script that starts after you start X, and
allows you to pick which window manager you want to boot that time.
Assuming we approve of tk as a language, that might be a good start. (It's
somewhere on freshmeat. Again, no clue what the name is.)
>   I still don't have sound up, but I haven't worked on it.  Sigh...  I
> need a beer.

I recompiled my kernel, and the first time I did that I got a compile
error. Guess Linus (er, Alan now) got sloppy with 2.0.36. :) But I fixed
that, so sound ought to work. Haven't tried it yet.
>    As an aside, I had a minor list problem, and have received nothing
> until now.  That means any cleaver replies to my first e-mail were
> lost...  For that matter, I don't know if my first e-mail made it.  On
> second thought, I need a strong Martini. :-)

> >			Lee