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Re: Documentation WAS: RE: FW: Project Independence - Tried it, and I like it so far. :-)

>    My plan was to make install and initial setup so easy, no one ever
> has to RTFM.  I want it just like Windows docs, in that the first time
> you do something, up pops a help window with a tutorial button, and a
> checkbox to make it go away.  The first step is making it so that no one
> needs to buy a book to install it.  This means lots of hints and
> defaults in the install process.  Make it so that a functional <if a bit
> crappy> install could be done by doing nothing but hitting return...

Don't forget we have limited resources and also that I plan a new
release in something like two months from here.  This one will go on
CDs (I hope) so if you start something too ambitious you will have
nothing to show for the deadline.  Go for making something not
requiring much resources but who will be a nice improvement upon what
we have now.  Small but well thought addenda can greatly improve the
usability of Indy and attract people for improving it.  Then and only
then start the ambitious plan.

But the idea of having the doc browser in the desktop of the person
using X first time is a very good idea I will try to implement.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses