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RE: more press

I think the journalist pictures you with a baguette under one arm, Le
Soir under the other and a small black cap on your head <LOL>

Ne sois pas découragé par une si petite remarque. C'était pas méchant.
Tu verras pire, prépares-toi :o\

Courage to all and long live Independence !

Steven Van Poeck.

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> Sent:	mardi 16 mars 1999 16:36
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> Subject:	RE: more press
> >> http://www.linuxcare.com/forums/index.html/9a08c7f3fdcd4879
> >> 
> >> A Declaration of . . . : Word of a new distribution appeared
> >>     Sunday on linux.announce. Named "Independence," the
> >>     distribution is intended to "bring Linux to the masses" with
> >>     features appropriate for newbies who want to run Linux on a
> >>     standalone workstation. The Project Independence effort may be
> >>     found at http://www.independence.seul.org. The development
> >>     team appears to be French, which may explain this wonderful
> >>     example of Franglish in the press release: "Independence is
> based
> >>     on RedHat 5.2 with all the errata applied and with stuff of our
> >>     own." 
> >
> >What was supposed to be correct English?  I also wonder how good he
> >would have beeen at writing texts in French or Spanish.  
> >
> >-- 
> >			Jean Francois Martinez
>    The funny part, is that it is grammatically correct.  It reads a
> bit
> poorly, or disjointed, but it is correct.  So many people seem to
> forget
> that the point of language is to communicate.  Anything else is just
> gravy.  I understood it, and so did he...  Some people just want to
> find
> fault, and in this world , that isn't hard.  I think you are doing a
> great job.
> 			Lee