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Limited run "cut" CD available

   Due to popular demand, and the fact that I have this cutter here, I
will cut CDs of the Independence Distribution to order.  It will be $20
including shipping in the US.  It is 1 CD, with instructions on how to
make disk images, and a black and white label.  <Perhaps color if I feel
up to it that day...>  It will be what ever is current on the site the
day I cut it, and will be a mirror of the distribution directory.  <We
are still trying to figure out if NoCD can be included on a mirror CD>
It will be cu on Verbatim silver/blue CDs.  I will test them prior to
shipping, but make sure your reader likes cut CDs.  Interested parties
should e-mail me for my address for payment, <check, money order...  No
credit cards...> and shipping time.  International orders can e-mail,
but I will have to change the price to reflect shipping, and customs are
your problem.