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RE: an easier bash

>I would also add
>alias dir="dir --color"
>to /etc/bashrc
>for thoes people who are used to the DOS CLI and dir command.

   There has been a lot of talk about making Linux easier, and I am all
for that.  However, we need to be clear when something is a hack, and
when it is standard.  I think we are doing new users a disservice when
we allow them to type the wrong thing, and still get the correct
result...  When happens when a new Inde user goes to his friends Deban
box and types "dir" because that is all he knows.  We should set up the
ms-user-friendly aliases to actually type out the real command.  That
way, the user learns what the command really is, and can use it when he
telnets to his ISP shell, and so on...
   That said, I have no idea how to do it in Linux, just in the
BayNetworks CLI... :-)  Something like alias command=echo "real
command":real command, but for Linux.  Just my 2 cents...  Or is it a
buck and a quarter now?