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[Libevent-users] Libevent 2.0.6-rc libtool

Hi folks

I've been working on integrating 2.0.6-rc into the Open MPI code base and ran across an issue. You distribute an aclocal.m4 that was generated by libtool 2.2.6b, and you don't whack it at the beginning of autogen.sh. Thus, those of us who have updated to libtool 2.2.10 get an error.

If you change your autogen.sh to be nothing more than "autoreconf -ivh", it will do everything you currently do in autogen.sh -and- regenerate aclocal.m4 with the current libtool version, thus avoiding this error.

We've run into this before with our own code, and learned that this is the autoconf-recommended solution - just thought we would pass it along.


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