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Re: Hei

A translation :)

> >Hei, jeg har titta på siden deres, veldig bra.

Hey, this ain't swedish! damn... well, here we go:

Hei, I visited your web-site, and it looked pretty neat (sorry, this is a 
free translation)

> Er, yes. Or no. Well, actually I don't speak your language ;)
> Can you please write in english?

(a confused native-english speaker)
> >Jeg har tenk til å lage et spill til Linux, men har ikke så mye peiling på 
> >programering.
> >Jeg kan C og litt C++.
> >Kan du skaffe meg noe dokumentasjon om hvordan jeg skal programere under X 
> >Window ??

I have thought of starting working with Linux, but I don't have so much
experience in programming.
I know C and some C++.
Can you show me a documentation about how to program under X Window?

> >Du kan ta en titt på siden min, og se hwordan det går med prosjektet.
> >Jeg mailer deg til bake en annen gang.

You can visit my site and see where the project is going, I will mail back
to you soon.

HAH! I did it! Some use for those boring swedish lectures in school...
Although it wasn't swedish... It was near enough. I hope the writer wont
kill me for this.