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Re: Threads

On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Michael Day wrote:

> > AFAIK linux kernel < 2.2 has no process affinity (and, thereby no
> > pthread affinity). I do not think even the newer kernels has it.
> Pity, this could be a useful feature to watch out for in forthcoming
> kernels, perhaps. At least in linux we can (theoretically) jump in and
> code it ourselves :) Maybe could post off some questions to a kernel
> hacker somewhere and see if some root level affinity functions would screw
> things up or not, presumably you wouldn't want just any process being able
> to choose what the cpus should do... although a simple "hinting" mechanism
> could work, two threads ask to run on different cpus, and if the system
> *has* two cpus and it is feeling generous, it will allow this :)

IIRC the linux scheduler will try and place processes on the same CPU they
last ran on, to ensure cache integrity. What lacks is an option to
explicitly state ; "make this process run on CPU #".

I do not know a lot about it, but I suspect that there really isnt that
much to gain - if the system is not loaded, processes will keep getting
the same CPU - if the system is loaded, keeping a process on a single CPU
may hurt a lot more then it benefits.


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